All This Love

Hey friends! First, I need to apologize – to everyone that came along to Arlington Pub at Wholefoods last Friday, you would have noticed I wasn’t there. This is because … Continue reading

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California Love Pt 2

Sorry friends! I know I initially started this whole newsletter thing with the intention of sending you weekly updates, and I TOTALLY snobbed you last week! BUT I CAN EXPLAIN!!! … Continue reading

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Come be part of my live album show!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I know – you won’t be surprised – it’s been another action filled week for me consisting of radio interviews, photoshoots, gigs, and meetings. But you’ll be happy … Continue reading

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Media, media, media…!!

IT’S WEDNESDAY!! Hey friends! Just a short and sweet message from me today – it’s been another hectic week of shenanigans, shows, photoshoots, tour planning, third EP planning, songwriting… You … Continue reading

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Mid April Already?

How is it the middle of April already??? Happy Wednesday, friends! I can’t believe how quickly this year is moving! They say that monotony is what makes time fly so … Continue reading

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Rollercoaster? Bunny hopping? *insert euphemism about this journey of life*

Hey friends! Have you ever felt like you’ve got so much going on but nothing all at the same time? It’s like when you forget to release the clutch properly, … Continue reading

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New Music?!! Okay!

OKAY OKAY OKAY!! I’M REALLY BAD AT BEING PATIENT!!! What can I say? I got the mixed and mastered track for SOLD (take a shot) from Flightboy Music, and – … Continue reading

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California Love

              Hey friends! I’M BACK!!! Gosh, where do I even begin?? It’s been a crazy wonderful week. I arrived into LAX last Tuesday, played a … Continue reading

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I’m in California!

Hey friends! I’M IN CALIFORNIA!!! FINALLY!!! After a wonderful (Tuesday) morning – much to the confusion of the locals – at Foggy Bottom, I had a wonderful flight through Houston, … Continue reading

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A Taste of Emma G

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