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Youth Empowerment through Songwriting coaching

I help parents reconnect with their teenagers, and teenagers reconnect with themselves using the power of music and songwriting for self-expression.

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Are you looking for new ways to connect with your teenager in a way that will completely revolutionize your relationship?

Is your teenager looking for a creative outlet to help them understand and express themselves more effectively?

Gen Z is built different… therefore we need to cater for their mental, emotional and academic wellness differently.

YES ! Youth Empowerment through Songwriting coaching

Using the power of songwriting and music to help teenagers

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Hi there! It’s lovely to meet you. 

I specialize in helping youth learn how to express themselves safely and effectively using the art of music and songwriting. As a 2x TEDx speaker, author, podcaster and award-winning singer/songwriter and musician: my goal is to save the world one song at a time – both through the music I write, and the songs I coach teenagers compose. Through my own music, I aim to inspire and motivate audiences whilst conveying truth: helping audiences rediscover their true selves.

When it comes to working with teenagers: I provide personalized one on one coaching, small group coaching, and mother-daughter coaching. Whether through virtual sessions, or in-person: I help teenagers learn how to express themselves effectively and safely by helping them to identify, understand, process, and ultimately overcome their emotional and mental struggles using songwriting and music, paving the way for self-discovery, -expression, and a healthier, happier relationship with their parents and community.

Emma G

Years of

I am a professional singer & songwriter

Here is what they have to say about me
In early 2022, my team and I asked Emma G to provide a song for a concert that we were producing with the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) Team and Water affinity groups. The purpose of the concert, titled "Drought and Flood: An Artistic Contemplation," was to use art and expression as a medium through which to tell a scientific narrative about the impacts of climate change, drought, and flood on local and global communities. Emma quickly agreed and produced a magnificent original piece called Unity in Devastation, which I can only describe as a "Climate change banger!" Emma is an inspiration and an absolute delight. I highly encourage those considering working with Emma to listen to the track and let the track speak for itself.
Bradley Lusk
American Association for the Advancement of Science
I hired Emma G for coaching and mentoring and wow, she has completely leveled up my career as an artist.. and I’ve only just started working with her. I think my favorite part is that she looks at what makes YOU special; instead of trying to mold you to what “people want”. And she is actually out there as a full-time musician herself living and continuously putting her expertise into practice. so she knows what we are experiencing and how to navigate life as an independent artist. I’d recommend Emma with 10 stars, an all-around smart investment for musicians who are ready to takeoff in all aspects of their career.
Stephanie Mathias
Singer & Songwriter
prottoy-hassan-283028-unsplash (Large)
I never expected for me to be able to write lyrics to a song. I never expected that I would come to class today with verses and a chorus of a song that I fully wrote. My goal was a dream very very far away from me, and I had in mind that I would just attempt. I am shocked that I could do this and I feel accomplished that I did this. In the very beginning, I was lost. I had a topic, but I had did not know how to start, so I went to class and asked to work with her. She put all my thoughts and concepts into words with me, so I was able to start revising with a completed rough draft. And probably, if it wasn't for Emma G, I still would not have lyrics.
15 Year Old
Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.23.07
Emma G's work is nothing short of miraculous. When Sydney started working with Emma, all she had was experience in her school chorus, a journal filled with her thoughts, feelings and slam poems, and a big dream. Emma taught her how to translate her writings into songs, and inspired her to write the music. I have watched my 17-year-old daughter bloom into a confident singer-songwriter with an amazing album debuting soon.
What she got from Emma was permission to be her full empowered self, live into her dreams, and take inspired action. Thank you Emma!
Melinda Wittstock
Founder of Podopolo
Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.30.29
I’ve worked with Emma G since November 2019 on branding and she has helped me open up tremendously as an artist. She encourages me to dig deeper for my voice and go have my message ready. The best thing she does is lead by example. She doesn’t tell me to do anything that she hasn’t already done herself. And the growth I’ve experienced since I started working with her has been dynamic and significant. Emma G is the perfect sounding board for everything I want to try. She’s a great coach!
Singer & Songwriter
To quote my supervisor who happened to be in the Zoom room when one of my ninth graders premiered an original song she wrote called “Trailblazer” that chronicled her middle school challenges, “what the students demonstrated was profound”. You have a superpower, Emma G. Thank you for helping my music students channel their emotions, fears, dreams and higher selves through the power of songwriting. In a year that was full of disappointments, your influence in these teenagers’ lives had a huge and positive impact
Lesley Moffatt
On July 28, 2021 I had the pleasure of moderating a Q and A discussion of the Canadian Premiere of Emma G's documentary Born in Crisis. The film is an empowerment vehicle for women, particularly women of color. Emma G is raw, real, and refreshing. Her words, her experiences, her songs truly speak to one's soul. You cannot help feeling empowered as when she speaks, it feels like she is speaking directly to you and your situation. She gets it. She is it. Watch her documentary and close your eyes and listen to her lyrics as they will move you. I have watched my 17-year-old daughter bloom into a confident singer-songwriter with an amazing album debuting soon.
What she got from Emma was permission to be her full empowered self, live into her dreams, and take inspired action.
Thank you Emma!
Dr LJ Samuel
A Cupid’s Sting
download (3) - Emma G
In May 2023, Emma G joined our teens living with hydrocephalus support group to share the impact music can have on healing. All I can say is, wow! What a profound and moving gathering they had with her. During the meet up, she guided the teens through a writing practice. She spoke to the teens from experience, which helped the teens to connect with her. She listened to them about their experiences and hardship with no judgement then thoughtfully put their thoughts into lyrics. By the end of the meet-up, they had created a beautiful and empowering song. I can’t say enough about how impactful that practice, and meet-up as a whole, was. Thank you Emma!
Untitled-design-2 - Emma G
You had huge traumas yet you don’t dismiss smaller ones. I love your song “The wolf I Feed” so much. So so good. Of course I love your integration of music - that sets you apart and is your superpower I love that you can be so inspirational in 40 minutes. You can make a lasting impression in such a short time - perhaps that’s also your superpower After seeing the presentation I think it would be great/appropriate for all middle school grades. I especially love the superhero tie ins and the end superhero message- so creative. I love the way that you explain trauma as different for everyone yet everyone experiences it. I am usually good at finding something to improve on, but in this case I truly thought it was SO good on so many levels - I wouldn’t change anything. The PowerPoint was effective to tie in the images - like what your parents look like (students may have a different image in their heads) or even lyrics of your song
Dorothy Hamm Middle School

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Let's jump on a call so I can answer all of your questions in real time. Working with teenagers to become their best, most empowered selves is my passion, and I take the responsibility very seriously. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you both.

Born In Crisis

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Youth Empowerment Tour 2024

This year Emma G will be embarking on a groundbreaking tour across the United States in partnership with Hard Rock Cafe. The tour will feature youth empowerment workshops in various cities, culminating in a unique opportunity for participating teens to showcase their original songs, developed under Emma G’s guidance, on stage alongside Emma G at various Hard Rock Cafe locations nationwide.

This project not only highlights the therapeutic journey of songwriting but also provides a platform for these young voices to be heard.

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Barbed Wire: Telly Award winner, 2023

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