SOLD (Take a Shot) new music!

It’s finally here! Emma G’s second official music video for SOLD (Take a Shot) has arrived – unfortunately coinciding with the recent discovery of Harvey Weinstein and the numerous allegations of sexual assault and power games, specifically in the entertainment industry. This song was written, recorded and filmed in direct response to Emma G’s experience […]

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All This Love

Hey friends! First, I need to apologize – to everyone that came along to Arlington Pub at Wholefoods last Friday, you would have noticed I wasn’t there. This is because they double booked me (again) with another musician – so I’ve been re-booked for THIS Friday from 6pm – 8pm. I hope y’all can make […]

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California Love Pt 2

Sorry friends! I know I initially started this whole newsletter thing with the intention of sending you weekly updates, and I TOTALLY snobbed you last week! BUT I CAN EXPLAIN!!! See… I was in California… and was meant to be back in DC by Wednesday night… however, my flight was canceled… and I didn’t have […]

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Come be part of my live album show!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I know – you won’t be surprised – it’s been another action filled week for me consisting of radio interviews, photoshoots, gigs, and meetings. But you’ll be happy to know, I DID manage to get a full 8hrs of sleep on Friday night!! That’s a start, right? I mean, granted it was after […]

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Media, media, media…!!

IT’S WEDNESDAY!! Hey friends! Just a short and sweet message from me today – it’s been another hectic week of shenanigans, shows, photoshoots, tour planning, third EP planning, songwriting… You know, the usual! And to start; I wanted to share a sneaky peek of a new song I’ve written with the one and only Eli […]

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Mid April Already?

How is it the middle of April already??? Happy Wednesday, friends! I can’t believe how quickly this year is moving! They say that monotony is what makes time fly so quickly – which is why half an hour feels so long to a child (as they’re constantly learning new things / challenging themselves), compared to […]

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New Music?!! Okay!

OKAY OKAY OKAY!! I’M REALLY BAD AT BEING PATIENT!!! What can I say? I got the mixed and mastered track for SOLD (take a shot) from Flightboy Music, and – though I KNOW I need to wait until we have the music video done and blah blah blah, I wanted to give you all a […]

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