The beginning

Hello world and welcome to me,

It’s a bit daunting starting this new journey into the unknown blogesphere – it’s an idea that I’ve been tooing and froing with for the last many moons, but the time has never felt right. Until today. Because I quit my job.

And am currently homeless.

And am moving to America.

It sounds like the beginning of some bad rock n roll novel, right? Truth be told, I’m kind of hoping it is – the rock n roll novel of the Emma G life; where the main character tosses her life into the hands of the universe, hoping like fuck it’s going to work out, with Mudvayne’s “Determined” blaring somewhere in the background.

To bring you up to speed on who I am, I was born and raised in the Waikato, New Zealand – in a little town called Eureka. I wish I was making that up (not really). Brought up in Cambridge, Raglan and Hamilton, I was surrounded with musicians my entire childhood. They say this helped make following my dreams feel more achievable, and they’re probably right. Though, I have to say my dreams have always been a bit everywhere. I want to do ALL the things. I want to save the world. I want to work with, and empower youth. I want to stay up all night and dance under the stars. I want to be an icon for feminism. I want to be able to change a tyre AND my engine oil in lipstick and heels without having anyone bat an eyelid in confusion.

Music has always been my outlet.

Similar to dreams, my music has been its own special journey – first inspired by No Doubt, and writing songs called “What I Am”, then moving into a hip hop / RnB style with a song called “Look Around”, composing heartfelt “angsty girl acoustic rock” (as a previous boss used to call it) and finally settling on the rock genre with my band Static Era ( We’re about to release our first album – I’m excited.

But that’s not why I started this blog. Yes, I’m a musician. Yes, I’m a feminist. Yes, I’m a teacher, and work in the youth empowerment field. Yes, I’m a new found health and fitness fanatic – crossfit being the boy on the side I cheat on music with. But I want this blog to be about more than that. Having quit my job to move to America, work with youth and make music, I am about to embark on a MASSIVE journey of exploration, self discovery (hopefully), creativity (double hopefully), soul feeding, and good food and wine.

So come and join me. Let the magic begin.


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