Thank You x

I’ve spent the entire week at a camp with 144 teenagers.

I’ve been sleeping in cramped, cold cabins in the middle of nowhere (well, by NZ terms), with 23 staff whom I was working alongside to ensure nothing went wrong. Of course a few things DID go wrong, but thankfully, nothing too serious. A couple of panic attacks, an injury from a tackling game and a few other hiccups, but all in all, the week was a success. Just as well, because I kind of view this week as the test round for the impending three months in America where I’ll also be working at a youth camp. In Massachusetts. Where I’ll be fast learning about a new part of the Western culture. Learning about their flora and fauna. I imagine it’ll be vastly different but really similar at the same time.

Except for one thing. At the end of the three months, I’ll be starting anew. Lastnight, on the other hand, was kind of the end of an era – my band Static Era released our debut album “Fit to Fight” and played our last show – for the foreseeable future anyway.

It’s strange. This whole process has been a mashup of feelings – excitement to finally have a tangible thing that wholly represents me, the band, and our five year journey together; vulnerability as it dawns on me that for the first time people who buy the album will have – written down – a copy of my lyrical stories: knowing that everything I write is INCREDIBLY personal, and suddenly it’s OUT THERE for EVERYONE to judge; strength as I slowly begin to realize that those lyrics have the potential ability to actually connect with people, bring people together, and (hopefully) positively impact people’s lives; trepidation as I realize that for the last five years I’ve literally had a band of brothers who’ve always had my back, and been the soundscape to my musical journey, yet when I go over to the States, I’ll be on my own again; and sadness as the reality of that realization hits me – this is literally the end of an era. Static Era. For now anyway.

Last night was incredible. I always feel bad when friends turn up to gigs because I NEVER feel I have enough time to spend with everyone, but last night there was a huge buzz in the air – the love, support, and connection between everyone was just phenomenal. We were all there to celebrate and have a fucking good time.

The other acts were also amazing – DJ Kamotion, The Essential Tremor, and The Mechanism; rad. If you’re keen for a bit of something different, check them out.

So why am I writing this? Besides wanting to reflect on the last five years of my life, and tell you all how stoked I am to ACTUALLY HAVE MY OWN ALBUM (seriously, wtf?!!), I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who I subjected to either writing a song about, (some of which are positive songs… others; not so much), or spent a few hours writing in front of while they just sat their twiddling their thumbs and wondering how long the creative process goes for.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in me, supported me, supported my music and my band, given me constructive criticism, help when I’ve needed, and kept me in check if I went off the rails a bit.

Thank you to our film directors – Daiyaan Rhoda, Bevan Jones, Suzanne De Zeuuw, and Ruth and Jimby Productions.

Thank you to all our “fans” (or friends, as I like to refer to you) for coming to our gigs, listening to and learning our music, buying our tshirts, CD’s and downloads, and generally just being GC’s (which apparently isn’t a good comment for Americans, so we’ll consider it an abbreviation for “good citizen”).

Thank you to NZ Blokes, Music Nation, Music is Dead and every other reviewer and website that has helped, promoted and supported us along the way.

Thank you to my family and my adopted family (friends are the family you choose, right?) for ALWAYS being there, being honest, and being amazing.

But mostly thank you to Chris Yong, Victor Pesch, Dave Rhodes, Craig Taylor, Nikolas Kissel, and Zel Kust for being part of this journey with me.

To be fair though, they’re not going to stop being with me on my next journey either… Static Era will always be my first love – that kind of love never REALLY goes away. And I have an album now to represent that love.

Fuck yes.


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