Triking and trolling

Last night, a New Zealand news program called Seven Sharp covered on a relatively unknown sport known as drift triking. Basically, you get a tricycle (similar to the ones you rode when you were a toddler) and replace the back wheels with PVC piping – then go downhill REALLY fast whilst braking/skidding/drifting. I’m relatively terrible at it, but holy shit, it is fun.

So I tweeted about it (the coverage, that is, and how much I miss drift triking) and received a tweet back from some random person about the “enormous” size of my thighs.

Hold the phone. What? High school called and wants its immature attitude back. I was dumbfounded.

Firstly, I’ve come to a place in my life where I actually LIKE the way I look. I LOVE that strength is becoming the new sexy; muscle is the new skinny; orange is the new black. I know I’m never going to be a glamour model (seriously though, why would I want to? I LOVE good food too much!) but I am totally confident in the way I look, feel, and what I can actually DO with my bodies.

So I posted my confusion up on my Facebook page and received a whole bunch of feedback on how good I look. While on one hand, that’s REALLY sweet and everything; that wasn’t really the point of why I posted it. I made the post because it frustrates me that we live in a society so hell bent on bringing eachother down in order to validify our own self worth. It frustrates me that people will pick on side issues (not the actual topic being discussed) in order to bully and demean. It frustrates me that online bullying is something that ADULTS do to eachother – no wonder our young people are displaying the same behaviour; what the fuck kind of role models are we? And it guts me that not everyone has the social/mental/moral support that I have, and – as a result – many people (young AND old) end up suffering from body image issues, depression, and eating disorders due to assholes on the internet trolling the shape and size of their bodies (ahem. I mean the shape and size of their self worth).

I’m well aware that women and girls aren’t the only ones who get this either; males are forcefed all kinds of ideals on what is considered sexy and worthy of love and attention. Just look at The Bachelor for what is supposedly the “ideal” man. It’s ridiculous.

Stop the hate. Stop the judgement. And STOP BRINGING EACHOTHER DOWN.

Work on being the best YOU that you can be. It’s not a competition or comparison with anyone else; just yourself. Make every day an opportunity to make progress against yourself; to jump higher, lift heavier, eat healthier, run faster. Fuck everyone else’s ideals – it’s YOU who matters.

And if you REALLY need something to make yourself feel happier about the world; go drift triking. That shit is fun.

Rant over. Haha.

And if you’ve never seen drift triking, here’s a video of a few friends of mine last year 😉


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