To the woman who…

1. Gave me life

2. Fought hard to keep me alive through health scares and 24 surgeries and brain surgeries

3. Supported me through many years of depression

4. Helped me through countless amounts of peer-, social-, and racial- pressure and prejudice

5. Has ALWAYS supported me to live my dreams 100%, and done EVERYTHING in her power to ensure I had the skills, knowledge and ability to do, and be everything I wanted

6. Played the role of both mother and father throughout most of my life

7. Instilled morals, values and ideas into me; with the understanding that with education, life experience and freedom of choice those morals and values would grow, expand, and potentially differ slightly to how they started out

8. Passed on to me a love of silliness and ridiculous jokes – to balance out the weight of the world that we each have a habit of carrying on our shoulders

9. Taught me that love is the most powerful magic of all; to love myself, to love others, and to show compassion

10. Has never stopped caring; even when I’m sure it would have been easier to

11. I’ve driven insane, lost my cool at, and often taken for granted

You are my first and last role model – the epitome of strength and perseverance – a Goddess in your own right, and I’m so blessed to have you as my mother.

Thank you. Xx


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