Things They Say…

There’s a number of things that the elusive “they” say.

– It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all
– The awesome shit happens out of your comfort zone
– Sometimes you’ve gotta sink before you can swim

I’ve spent the last week or so feeling like a drowned fish (though, how that’s possible, I’m not sure) – overwhelmed with being in America, intimidated by the culture of LA, nervous about how big the place is and how the funk I’m going to be able to figure out where to live / work when I get back from Massachusetts, off kilter because I have been thrown head first into a city that seems to have its own mindset, its own gameplan, its own identity, and I’ve never really known much about any of it.

Today, however, I’ve come away feeling inspired. But let’s start from the beginning.

Lastnight, my cousin took me for a cruise along the west coast to check out Santa Monica to Long Beach. Here he is:

The place is massive – and we didn’t even venture into the city itself, but it gave me a good start point as to where I want to hang out / live / work / do music.

We visited Santa Monica and checked out some of the street performers there


and made a bit of a plan before heading to Venice



We had a quick look around scoping it out for busking, and headed off to see more, do more and have dinner (always important). Got home absolutely WRECKED and went straight to bed for a 6am wake up – and 9am start of singing.

I was nervous as fuck.

But I tell you what; possibly one of the most inspiring days thus far. I had conversations with the homeless, with other musicians, with Black American guys, tourists, locals…. you name it – and in just three hours I made $60. Considering minimum wage here is $6/hr, I’m feeling pretty blessed about that. Just me, and my guitar, no amplification. Everyone seems to LOVE my accent, and I tell ya – Americans are incredibly forthcoming with their compliments!

It’s funny – for the last week, I’ve been feeling really out of my comfort zone. Overwhelmed and kind of lost. The best way for me to find my groove again was to do what’s unnerving for most other people – and sing on the street. And hope to make a few dollars in the process. Haha.

Met up with my rad friend JP for a scrummy lunch and decided to walk to Santa Monica to check out the busking scene there – it was brilliant!
0602151519 (that’s a guy called Clint singing – and Ryan on the drums)

0602151338 I have no idea who this person was, but there’s some sort of magic going on! Haha.

They have a whole beach filled with exercise gear pretty much. So I practiced a few pull ups (and got chatting with a guy named Daniel who recommended the Santa Monica Staircase to me), and met a woman named Lala who taught me a few moves in something called Aerial.

I’m feeling SUPER inspired to start getting my health back on the bandwagon again too. Start running again, as well as lifting and crossfit. I’m quite keen to start pole dancing as well – for fitness sake, of course. I mean, how can you not, with Tshirts like this being sold everywhere?

0601151926 Haha

But seriously… It’s amazing how active everyone is in Venice and Santa Monica. Cycling, rollerblading, running… It’s awesome.

On the way back to JP’s office (where my cousin was picking me up from) I discovered the Santa Monica community garden as well – how awesome is that?!!


So here’s to eating better again, and getting in even better health! It’s time to shake off the deep end jitters and dive head first into this mother trucker – and make some gainz at life! 😉


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