Three Things

So I’m spending the next few months of my life working at Chimney Corners Camp for Girls and it’s taking a whole lot of getting used to!

I’m entering into my third week here, and it’s been pretty interesting – getting used to being around 70 other girls/women 24hours a day, taking part in camp songs, camp fires, camp traditions… and that’s not including getting used to the American spirit: cheers, different colloquialisms, and generally different outlooks on society and life.

It’s interesting

However, I’m enjoying it. Dare I say, I’m learning to embrace and really love it. There’s some really rad questions we are having posed to us – and, I know I’ve said this before, I feel I’m going to learn a lot here. Tonight we discussed what three (simple) things make us the happiest. I was surprised by how different peoples’ answers were, so I thought I’d share mine with you all, dear blogosphere, and see what your thoughts were.

So here it is:

Three simple things that make me happy

1. Cuddles.
Having traveled so much over the last few weeks BY MYSELF, I don’t think I’ve ever realized before how much I’ve taken cuddles for granted. There’s something incredible about a good, solid, heart to heart, all embracing hug. I miss them. Even now – surrounded by (now 150) women whom I’m beginning to form friendships with – there’s just something about hugs with people who know you better than anyone else; have seen you shitty, have seen you upset, have seen you with no make up and frizzy Macy Gray hair first thing in the morning, have laughed with you till you’ve cried, have been there with you through thick and thin… THOSE are the cuddles I miss. Those are the cuddles that make me happy.

2. Exercise
I feel like my blog has been pretty lowkey on my whole exercise front, but seriously; it’s my sanity. When I started doing crossfit in 2013, it was an absolute lifesaver for me – helping me rebuild strength I’d lost (thanks to an abusive relationship), and helping me build confidence as well as, you know, endorphins and all that fun stuff that helps me to stave off anxiety, depression, and self doubt. While at camp, I’ve kept up my morning workouts (and have somehow obtained a small group of women who are joining me for them), and it’s been wonderful. There’s no better way to start the day than by sweating, swearing and panting – with the knowledge that I can stay strong, because strength is important to me. Fitness is important to me. Health is important to me.

My third happy thing is music. I started writing music when I was 5years old. It’s helped me express myself, communicate how I feel, and (perhaps most importantly) helped me feel like I’m seen, heard and acknowledged. the biggest compliment I’ve ever received is from a chick who – after hearing my music – told me she felt like she actually knew me, understood me, and connected with me. That was an awesome feeling. It can make you happy, sad, angry, inspired… music is incredibly powerful. I’m incredibly blessed to be able to make music – there’s nothing better.

And on that note; here’s a song I wrote last week called “Shoes”; inspired by an exercise we did here at camp on how important it is to think about life in the shoes of those around us. Hope you enjoy it!

Till next time…


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