America is growing on me.

It’s strange how we have so many perceptions of a place based solely on media. We REALIZE (well, hopefully) that the media is always going to give a skewed or subjective view on any “news” items, yet we still let it feed our worldview on life.

Walmart memes.

Fear driven media.

Gun toting, racist Christians.

Lack of education, intellect, or common sense.

Racism in general.

Yep. We are fed a lot of bullshit in the media. Even my ex-boyfriend (who’s from America) told me I would struggle because of my colour. AND HE’S FROM AMERICA!!

However, while I recognize that a lot of horrible things do happen in the States, I’ve been very fortunate thus far that I have met nothing but amazing people. The culture here is totally fun, open, loud, proud and CRAZY!

My new camp-buddy (I’m going to pretend that’s a term here), Renee, and I drove everyone to a baseball game lastnight in Pittsfield (the game was between the Pittsfield Suns and the New York Knights), and while neither of us really didn’t know much about baseball (besides my stint in LA with my cousin Hamed), it was the most amazing night!

(that’s Renee and me)

We had marginally better food this time (compared to LA), we sat among a random group of people in the bleachers (seating was few and far between), started crowd singalongs (namely Queen’s We Will Rock You) which EVERYONE joined in on, kept warm by dancing crazily (which people encouraged), chanted along with the crowd, started our own chants (which, again, everyone joined in on), and – as you do – had photos with the team.

It was a rad night, and because it was Independence Day, the fireworks were AMAZING!! Also, I’m owning it when it comes to driving those buses. Haha.

On Wednesday, I headed out to an open mic night at Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington, and again, it was awesome! Sang a few songs: Lorde’s “Royals” (because New Zealand), Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” (because it’s an epic song) and my original “Wary” because I like that song haha. And again, everyone was super lovely, super complimentary, and super loud, proud and epic.
gypsy joynt
I feel like – so far – American culture is a culture of celebration. Of celebrating craziness and individuality. It’s epic! I started singing in the grocery store this afternoon, and one of the workers told me to keep going because it was so good. You just don’t quite get the same thing in New Zealand.
I’m still not quite sure what I want to do after camp. I’ve been asked to apply to work at Family Camp which will give me one more week of paid employment… then I think I might head to Boston and do street performing (busking) for a couple of weeks until Renee finishes her contract, so we can head to NYC to do a few things. Namely
– Go see Kinky Boots at Broadway
– Get our hair done in Brooklyn (because we’re both brown, and it would be rad as hell)
– Go to a basketball game

Also, serendipitously enough, one of my besties is moving to Boston too! He’s gotten a contract of sorts playing in a band with one of the members of Anthrax (fuck yes!!) so he’s be based here as of later this month, so yes. Music and travel, feeding the soul, performing and living a fulfilling life.

It all sounds a bit scary, but they say that if you do your bliss, follow your passion, and give it your all; it can’t possibly go wrong. So far, they’re right.


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