I want…

I want to be a lipstick queen
Dressed in combat boots…
I want to be the changer of the world

I want to be a perfect ten
But mostly when it comes to winning an argument
I want to be the animous girl

I want to be the one who makes you slightly uncomfortable
Especially when I laugh – cos I laugh too much
I want to be the bringer of hope

I want to be a choir girl
Who rides a Harley Davidson
But still goes to bed at ten

I want to make my mother proud
I want to make me even prouder
I want to improve everyday

I want to be the image of strength
For strong is the new skinny
Because slim or not; I want to be able to kick ass

I want to thrive in my vulnerability
Yet past lovers’ words still haunt me
As I’m labelled weak and volatile

I want to rise from the ashes
And prove that I am woman
And “woman” is all it takes to succeed

I want to overcome hatred,
Racism and belittlement
I want to be a token of progress

I want to eat pizza, and New Zealand cheese
Because honestly, America…
Though I know you try

I want to be loved
Not for what I am willing to be molded into
Because I’m sick of playing dress up

I want to be twelve again
And make smarter decisions
Put down the cigarette, say “no”, and speak up when my wishes weren’t respected

I want to revel in my imperfections
And the beauty that comes with them
I wish society did the same

I want to never give a fuck
Not about people – of course I care about people
But for the ridiculous bullshit that people place on themselves

I want to understand religion
And why a fear based society
Seems to be the best tactic for happiness

I want to know why, as a dark female
The world deems me less worthy
I want to change that view

I want energy
I want sleep
I want cuddles


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