Happiness is all in your mind.

My good friend @mynameisra reblogged this, and I couldn’t agree more

Mindfully Fit

Happiness is an inside job

We have all heard this saying. Most of us agree with it, recognise it, then brush it off just as fast and it came never to really think about it again.

It wasn’t until recently that I truly began to revel in the meaning of this ingenuous statement.

Here’s the thing. When we tie our happiness to a person, goal, dream or object – that thing can be stripped away from us at any given moment without a seconds notice.

Circumstances change. People leave. Plans don’t work out. Accidents happen and your priorities shift.

So what happens when you have focussed all of your energy, attention, time and emotions on an external factor, only for that one thing to be ripped away from you?

You feel like you have nothing.

You feel like your life means nothing and you are left lost, hurt and alone.

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