Love and Light

Late night ramblings… šŸ™‚

Tell me something honest
Tell me something true
Don’t give me empty questions
Wrapped in fake “I love you”s

Asking for the rain report
When I’m clearly on my knees
It’s funny how our vision can be so selective
We only see what we please

Where there’s advice and insights given
We get lost in our own minds
Never seeking for clarity
We make it up and hope it’ll be fine

But it’s not. There’s people drowning
So many lost among the crowd
Everyone is screaming
But the attention is too loud

Tugging on eachother
And hoping to be seen
Not bothering to look at others
When everyone else is also in need

Wanting to be perfect
Craving to be first
Acceptance should be a given
And love shouldn’t need to hurt

We’re pretending to build bridges
Yet the pillars are made too frail
We paint our faces in happy
And hope like anything that we don’t fail

I wish we’d all cut the bullshit
Tear down those walls of fear
Open our eyes and listen
To what has always been there

A need for love and attention
Needs love given and returned
It’s an emotional transaction
Of acceptance not needing to be earned

But merely a case of openness
Embracing diversity and life
It’s not about being strong alone
But being a team of love and light.


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