Falling into Autumn

I have always considered myself to be relatively street smart. Perhaps too honest. Perhaps too friendly. Perhaps a tad too trusting. But I’ve always thought I had my shit together generally speaking.

Being here, I feel like a teenager again.

America is different from New Zealand. People here actually have freakin guns. And there’s legitimate drug addiction here. And homelessness. And con artists.

But there’s always openness. People going out of their way to help you.

And yes, my overly positive attitude can often be mistaken for naivete, I feel like it’s done me a lot of good thus far. You give nice; you receive nice. You stay positive, people treat you positively

Everyone I talk to seems to be super supportive of my adventure, and my music… and my life. Everyone seems to wish they could be as carefree / embracing of risk as what I’m doing…

But you know what? As much as this adventure still terrifies the crap out me (the insecurity, instability, and general recklessness), I’m learning to ride the waves. Embrace the unknown. Work outside my comfort zone.

And so far, it’s paying off.

I’ve met Facebook friends I’ve only ever communicated with online.

I’ve busked (street performed) across the States.

I’ve performed in bars across the States.

I’ve learned more about American racism than I anticipated in such a short time – but I’ve also managed to challenge a few views as well (yay for leading the change)

I’ve driven along busy US interstates.

I’ve introduced restaurants to the “bread free burger” concept.

I’ve been proposed to by numerous strangers – and politely refused.

I’ve visited two recording studios as I got a feel for the industry in the East coast.

I’ve traveled to middle America, and (humbly) refused attending a rodeo, because… you know… animal welfare.

I also challenged middle American racial ideas with some of the locals – and think I actually got through to them!

I’ve written a couple of new songs

I’ve had discussions about feminism and racism with men and women alike – going against the grain since ages ago

I’ve promoted NZ to so many Americans who are simply FASCINATED by Aotearoa

I’ve taught kids Maori songs

I’ve taught Americans Fijian words

And America has delivered far more in return. I feel like a teenager again – learning more about myself than I thought was possible.

It’s been rad.

Stay awesome, friends!


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