Die with memories; not dreams

So my first week at my new job has come to an end, and it’s been awesome. Hanging out with my coworkers (we’re working together, and living together), learning new things (somehow I’ve become a science-based teacher – I know, right? How did THAT happen?), and adjusting to my new life here in Connecticut.

And I reflect.

Almost exactly a year ago, the New Zealand election didn’t go as I had hoped – and I made the decision to leave NZ, and search for music, adventure, knowledge and craziness.

And, despite how petrifying the prospect was; that’s exactly what I did.

I’m currently sitting on the couch in the middle of a new state, in a country that I’m learning, embracing and falling in love with. The people, the politics, the passion, the enthusiasm…

So this is a call:

If you’re feeling antsy, restless, or like you need to do something different for yourself, DO IT. And DO IT NOW! You are stronger than you think you are, you are braver than you believe, and you can achieve amazing things; if you just let yourself.

Believe me.

If I can step this far out of my comfort zone (that’s currently 14,284km or 8,876miles), you can too.

Because it’s outside the comfort zone that the awesome shit happens; and the dreams become memories.


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