Saturday = Songwriting

When it comes to my process, creativity tends to have a way of simmering… and simmering… and finally – once your head has cleared away the cobwebs of stress and figuring shit out, the creativity bubbles over and into song.

I wrote this in about 45minutes this afternoon – because life seems to be a process of making it up as I go along.

Forgive Me


Feeling my way through the haze

And I’m choking

Pretend it’s a smile

Talking loud, is that allowed?

Cos I’m hoping

The world can’t see the lies

Cos I’m making this up

It’s a free style kind of life

But I’m holding on

Cos I’m a fast train on a broken track

I let loose cos there’s no going back

I’m a classic nine on this wheel of time

Forgive me, but you gotta keep up.

Making my way through the blaze

Bridges burning

Pretend it’s okay

Joking around, is that allowed?

It’s all learning

Kept for another day


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