I seem to have adopted a nickname: Hallmark


Because apparently I’m full of inspirational quotes, and I’m far too positive to be considered “normal”. Where’s my sense of negativity? Or realism? Or downright common sense?

I’ll tell you why:

Because if we lived in a world continually choosing to believe in negative; I would never step foot out of my house.

If I constantly worried about racism / abuse / bigotry; I would miss the opportunity to maybe show someone that I’m human

If I was forever scared that someone might hurt me; I’d miss out on making friends

We can bitch and moan about having a flat tyre, but guess what? WE HAVE A CAR!!

We can worry about being late for work, but guess what? WE HAVE A JOB!

We can get upset when we are stuck in traffic, but… well, you get the point.

It’s not a case of being overly positive; it’s the ability to see the sunshine through the rain. Isn’t that what life is all about?


Stay golden, friends xx

PS. What’s your nickname?


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