The Fair

To the pigs that were racing, you were amazing (and freaking cute)


To the alpacas and bunnies, I love your fuzzy!


To the food vendors and stalls, you need more vegetables

To the deep fried everything, butter, oreos and cake frosting (ugh)


To the live musical show, an hour doesn’t suffice, no

To the sellers of kitchen stuff, sorry… I don’t cook much

To the game station dude, thanks for the free moose!

To the scientific folk, I held dino poop, yo! (it’s pretty)

To the state policemen, your hats still make me grin

To lego and Dr Seuss; I salute you


To the stations of food, really? Alligator, snake, camel and kangaroo?

To the locked up bears on display, it’s only going for another day (you’ll be free soon)

To the pumpkin farmer who won, 1383lbs? Fucking well done

To the person who took me to my first US fair; THANK YOU – BEST DAY EVER!


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