Kids can be so cruel





Show off

Black bitch



These were all names I was called throughout primary, intermediate and high schools.

Because I started growing breasts when I was 10.

Because I sang songs and played guitar and piano.

Because I had had 10 brain surgeries.

Because I was smart and could spell complicated words.

Because I was one of the darker kids in class

Kids can be so cruel.

So why am I talking about this? Last night, I was having a discussion with several kids (I’ve been a part time youth worker for the last few years) about bullying, and why it’s unacceptable – but one thing that I feel we don’t acknowledge as a society is that no matter how many times we talk about kids being cruel; we forget how cruel adults can be too.

I remember one particular evening while on tour with my band Static Era (we were touring with an Aussie band), and three skin heads showed up, and – because I’m a dark skinned rock singer – hurled a few quite delicious insults my way.

Adults can be so cruel.

While I’ve learned to embrace some of these insults – damn straight I’ve got a permanent tan, and I have the opportunity to sing defiant and loud music. Hell yes I’m opinionated and unafraid to voice my ideas. Funk yes, I’ve had 24 operations – you say “freak”; I say “survivor”. And YOU KNOW that I love nothing more than having intelligent conversations about society, politics and philosophy.

Why are these things meant to be insults?

Why do we paint eachother with a dull brush simply to try and make ourselves feel better?

I’m a huge believer in success through empowerment – through lifting each other up; not bringing each other down.

Embrace our different ethnicities.

Cherish education.

Recognize the importance of diversity – that’s the only way that society is going to move forward.

Let your freak flags fly, my friends.

Stay golden xx


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