As I move into the next year of my life, I reflect. I have a tendency to do this far too often – forever aiming to exceed my previous days / weeks / months / years in terms of goal achieving, and general randomness and adventure. I’m a firm believer in growth being a key indicator of a life well lived. The idea of being in the same place in five years time petrifies me. I want more. I want to BE more. So I reflect.

This last year, I’ve recorded and released an album with my band Static Era, I took part in the ridiculosity that was X Factor NZ, and I moved halfway across the world, literally, to the United States of America.

I’m now 27years old; finishing up working at an outdoor education programme called Nature’s Classroom, and about to be – yet again – jobless and homeless. It’s an exciting time. So I decided to do what I always do; and celebrate the vulnerability and craziness that is my life. I went to New York City.

And, of course, as every good adventure includes; there were some pretty hectic and strange events. I stayed with my friend Will – who I met four years ago in New Zealand. His band Sinclarity was touring New Zealand with Everclear, and we joined them for a couple of their Auckland side shows. We also went skydiving together. It was a bit of a crazy time. And now, four years later we’re partying in NYC together.

He took me to visit his studio… 6710[1]

He and his girlfriend took me out dancing…

I went on a picnic with some of my coworkers and their friends in Central Park…
20151107_154744 (this is the Friends’ fountain)

And it was during this picnic that I was approached by a minister about being an official witness to a wedding…

We climbed a waterfall and took in the view… 20151107_155427

I had several busking acrobats flip over me… this is them 12191876_10153283471218546_896676506194076634_n

I ate pizza and pumpkin pie – and was given a rose by a stranger! 12189778_10153618494144088_1544052723976619015_n

And, of course, I danced my ass off and drank far too much gin… resulting in an excellent hangover…

It was a crazy weekend. I’m knackered. But not just from needing to recover, but because this next chapter in my life will begin with being homeless – yet again – and moving cities to Washington DC to do music!

I’m excited, nervous and have all the faith in the world that it’s going to be the best year yet… rock n roll!


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