So this week’s song is a bit different – slightly rehashed, as I actually wrote it over the summer, but given that I’m working on releasing a song a week on my Facebook page and my YouTube page every Sunday night (American time) or Monday morning (NZ time) – you website followers get an advanced screening, I felt like this song would work well this week.


It’s called Shoes (Meg’s Song). It’s about how much stress and pressure we put on ourselves. It’s about trying to be perfect, when we’re already pretty darn amazing already; we just don’t realize it.

I’m currently working as a professional street performer in Washington DC (seriously; telling people that here can either be really uplifting or really fucking amusing, as they try and figure out a) whether you’re serious, or b) whether it’s respectable enough for a 27 year old), but no matter. The people watching (and people connecting) I get to do while singing on the streets is incredible. I love it. But not just that; it amazes me how people carry themselves; perhaps it’s the sadness in their eyes, the determination to succeed or prove people wrong… I don’t know. It struck a chord with me, and reminded me of my friend Meg; whom I originally wrote this song about.

You are simply perfect. Just being you.

And here’s the video!

Enjoy xxx

In one moment
We could fall
Just one moment
We risk it all
A cry of pleasure
A cry of pain
Just one moment
We risk it again

With every morning
Comes a brand new start
Forget the warnings
This is who you are

In your shoes
You can be the hero you always wanted to
In your shoes
You can conquer mountains, you can never lose
In your shoes
Every smile and tear is a badge of truth
In your shoes
You are simply perfect just being you

In one moment
The winds can change
Just one moment
Can heal the pain
Voice of compassion
This one moment
Won’t change your truth


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