23 Things

As we move into a new year, it’s almost expected that we stop, reflect and make resolutions about the future.

It’s been an insane year. I don’t even know where to begin…

1. I took part in X Factor NZ (seriously?? Was that THIS year?!! It seems like a lifetime ago!

2. I CLIMBED THE MILFORD TRACK!!!! with my gorgeous crossfit Godmother; a 53.5km and 1140m high four day hike. Unbelievable. SAM_1427-1-1

3. I moved in with a boyfriend for the first time ever, and it ended in tears (mostly mine, but hey… artists are good at wearing their hearts on their sleeves, right?)

4. Battled with an eating disorder – and won. Competed in my first crossfit competition too!

5. Attended THREE weddings of some of my best friends.

6. I spent two months couchsurfing around Auckland, as I prepared for my big move to America (!!!)

7. Saw two of my favourite artists in concert; Justin Timberlake AND Jessie J FOR FREE!! (Thanks ZM)

8. I had to bid farewell to my beloved jobs – my beautiful Raise Up Puketapapa youth crew at Lynfield’s YMCA in Auckland. (I super miss them), the amazing whanau (that’s Maori for “family”) at Te Wananga o Aotearoa ki Manukau, and all that rad bars that I gigged at.

9. I released my album Fit to Fight with my band Static Era (oh, how I MISS playing with them *tear*). The album went to #10 on the NZ Artist Album Chart that week, and #25 in the Top 40. Humbled. Shocked. Awed. Amazed. Thankful.

10. I spent a week in Melbourne, Australia, chilling and recording with my bro Mindcontrol Protocol

11. I then spent TWO weeks being overwhelmed, exploring, and getting my teeth fixed (haha) in Vietnam.

12. I got stranded in China. CYMERA_20150526_141327

13. Reconnected with a huge part of my life in LA: my Iranian family.

14. Reconnected with the beautiful soulstress Magnolia Memoir

15. Discovered and explored a whole different side to nature (American wildlife!!!!) while working at a summer camp in the Berkshires. This, of course, also came with an extraordinary amount of learning, growing up and persevering, as that camp was one of the most difficult times of my life. But hey, with every difficulty comes positivity, and I’m super thankful for those silver linings!

16. Roadtripped to Indiana – via breaking down in New York, getting towed by a towtruck driver who thought he might be able to play out a bad porn scene while on the job (he tried, failed, tried again… it was hilarious and really, REALLY creepy), and fell in love with DC for the first time – before starting an incredible job with an incredible group of people in Connecticut.

17. Natures Classroom: teaching outdoor education, science and survival skills to kids between the ages of 7 and 15. Autumn leaves, crazy kids, minion pants, group chants (and singing), smothering your face in food, white water rafting in Pennsylvania, building outdoor shelters and firepits, exploring the night, youth development, exploring the Adirondacks, dirt pinatas… It was three months of beauty.

18. New York – TWICE! The first time with my beautiful English minx of a friend, Renee as we explored Central Park, Manhattan, New Jersey (where I literally held my first – unloaded – gun *sorry mum*), and found ourselves in the audience at the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. (Yep. That happened). 12042794_10153527782469088_5794921700879884820_n

19. The second time with my Natures Classroom fam for two birthdays – including mine. Again, Central Park was visited, with the added bonuses of catching up with more friends, visiting recording studios, going to gigs, and being witness to a marriage.20151107_133813.jpg

20. Played my first ACTUAL US showcase – which has consequentially lead to a few shows now *squee*

21. Road tripped (for two days- via Chicago, where I met my exes (see bullet point number 3) family) all the way to Iowa to reconnect with ANOTHER huge part of my life: my Norwegian family, where I spent a week getting to know the people who my mother grew up with.

22. Attended my first basketball and football games12360186_10153706567589088_2895282783476149225_n12376243_10153703038024088_3740408856115653500_n

23. And, of course, I’ve moved to Washington DC, am busking for a living, have fallen for a boy (in the above pictures; he’s SUPER fun), and we’re getting ready to see in the new year in approximately 11hours time…

As for resolutions; I’m looking forward to doing more music, recording, gigging, staying fit and healthy, reading more books, traveling even more, and staying crazy.

I’d love to hear what your 2015 highlights have been, and what you’re looking forward to in 2016!

Happy New Year, friends


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