Busking Life on the Streets

It’s always slightly strange explaining what I do to people.
“Oh, you’re an accounting exec? A pollster for the White House? A videographer for an advertising company? Nice to meet you; I’m a professional street performer”.

“How do you do that?” They ask. “How do you survive?” “Isn’t it scary?” “Do you make enough money to survive?” “Aren’t people assholes to you?” “Are you a hippy?” and my favourite: “Are you homeless?”


I realize it’s not the norm, and I realize a lot of people enjoy the safety/comfort/security when it comes to having a full time job, but I don’t. I enjoy making my own hours. I enjoy making people smile (that’s usually my mission every day – to help people feel good / like they’re being acknowledged / and hopefully making them smile). And I love the relationships that I get to build with those same people: the encouraging smiles, the donated cups of tea, the comments about how I make them feel… it’s brilliant!

So I thought I’d show you a bit more intimately about what I do…

Enjoy the video found here



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