Spice of Life

So I have this theory that we need to talk to, and listen more to the old people we meet, or that have come into their lives.

We marvel at how quickly technology is advancing “these days”; how – shit – the first cellphone was invented in 1973, but they weren’t available in NZ till the late 80s (and they were BRICKS). I got my first cellphone when I was 15. It was easily two and a half times the size of the Nokia 3310. It was pretty fancy – it could make phone calls, and limited texts, and I could play snake. Ahhh, snake.

And now, we have pxting, video calling, video messaging… technology moves QUICK, DUDE.

Well, imagine being 76. Imagine having watched your city grow and develop from swampy dump lands to become Washington DC as it is today.

This was the conversation I was having with an old vet. this afternoon, and he started talking about how much he enjoyed music, and used music to get him through. He asked me what style I played, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: pop rock mostly… with a bit of soul
Him: I ain’t never heard of that. Pop: yes. Rock: yes. But together? It don’t make no sense.
Me: I like to be different
Him: Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Who knows you might have created something completely new!
Me: Well, you know… diversity is the spice of life.
Him: no it isn’t. We all have different spices to our lives.

The conversation carried on like this for the remainder of my ride. Basically, his argument was that the saying “diversity is the spice of life” is the biggest crock of shit ever. He claims that everyone has a different spice to spice up their life <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wfpXI5PKlw&quot; target="_blank"*earworm* with, and it’s unfair to expect others to like, enjoy or even WANT our “spice”.

For example, my spices: Music. Weightlifting. Writing songs. Nature walks. Reading. Talking to strangers. Acting like a fool in the middle of the city. For many, this is not their idea of a good time. Fair enough.

My idea of a good time is not fishing. Nor will it ever be. Different spice for a different person.

My point is; when I say “diversity is the spice of life”, what I mean to say is that while we all have our different strengths, interests and loves, it’s our job to be the best damn spice that we can be, so that the world can become the spiciest of exciting cocktails you’ve ever tried.

Go forth. Kick ass (or taste buds).


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