Hey friends!

I finally feel like spring is actually here – though I’ve been warned not to speak too soon, as apparently the DMV is renowned for having the hottest of hot and the coldest of cold literally a day apart! For this reason, unfortunately the SW Fireworks Festival was canceled, which I was gutted (upset) about – so massive sorry to anyone that was planning on attending on Saturday!

But no fear! There are some more shows coming!

Tonight, I’m doing a guest performance at Emergence Community Arts (733 Euclid St) around 9pm, and next week, I’m back at Ireland’s Four Courts Irish Bar in Arlington VA (again, click on the hyperlink for details ). I’ve also just confirmed a spot at the Takoma Porch Fest, and Black Squirrel for next month, and I’m looking at visiting Philly again; all of which I’m SUPER pumped for! I’ll keep y’all updated on that – but if you’re impatient, all details are up on my Facebook page.

Back to this whole “Emma G’s EP” thang; things are steadily progressing – it’s a slow process (as things can tend to be with the creative arts), but it’s HAPPENING!! I’ve written a few new tracks too (one of which is called Smile and is literally inspired by singing for you all at the metro stations!) which will feature on the EP. I’m super excited for you to hear them all.

But I HAVE A QUESTION! As far as getting the EP to you; what format do you prefer? Good old fashioned CD? A hand out with a QR code on it that leads you to a downloadable link? A pen drive? Any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated.

And finally; I caught up with Nick from The Big Invisible (who I played alongside with at the Electric Maid the other week) this last weekend for a bit of a photo shoot, and thought I’d share with you a couple of my fave shots. They say that a picture can say a thousand words, so – again – would love your thoughts on what you think the inspiration was behind the shots, and what messages they might tell you.


Have a wonderful and blessed rest of your week, and I’ll see you when I see you!


Emma G


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