Show Tonight!

Hey friends!

Just a quick reminder that if you have nothing on tonight, (and feel you can brave the weather), I’m playing my first show at The Black Squirrel with Zachary Parkman and Simone Finally! Music will be kicking off around 8pm, and I’m guesstimating it’ll go till around 11pm? I’d LOVE it if you can make it along, so we can catch up and talk nonsense for a bit!
Also, I’ve found my USB pen drives!! Check it out – it’s a USB drive… AND a pen ALL IN ONE!! 😄😄😄 BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL! It also comes with a lazer pointer… so you can listen to me sing while you annoy / confuse the crap out of your cat.
pen drive
You’re welcome.
So I’ll be ordering those ASAP once my logo has been finalized (it’s getting its final touches done now 😊) and we’re good to go!
Thanks again for all the support and love, guys. You’re amazing
Have a rocking Tuesday, and if I don’t see you tonight, I’ll see ya when I see you!
Emma G

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