Hey Friends!

I know, these updates keep coming later… and later… and later… it’s been a full on week of SINGING, PERFORMING, and trying to get enough sleep with this humidity (this Kiwi gal ain’t used to it yet!), but nonetheless, we love the summer!
First thing’s first: a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me by getting a copy of my solo acoustic EP already. I think – to date – I’ve sold 19 personal copies and 7 downloads from bandcamp. If you haven’t already heard it, or want a digital copy, you can get it here! (and feel free to spread the word hehe)
Next thing, since the 4th of July happens to fall on a Monday this year, the guys at MightyHipΒ have decided to do a special MightyHip Monday Independence Day edition! There’s even a poster to go along with it! If you’d like to come and hang out with me for my FIRST city dwelling 4th of July, I’d love to see you!

And finally – for tonight – I’ve decided that the lead single from this EP (once I’ve added bass, drums, and – who knows – maybe some strings and trumpet?) will be Wary! So…. I had a secret squirrel meeting with some cool creative cats lastnight, and we’re going to organize a music video for this. WHICH IS WHERE YOU COME IN! We WILL need extras to be part of this project, and it’d be RAD if you’d like to be involved! Details are still coming, but if you think you might like to have your beautiful faces in this music video, PLEASE let me know by replying YES!!!!!!! and whatever other accompanying message you’d like to write πŸ˜‰

That’s it from me for now – but have a wonderful and safe weekend, and I’ll see you when I see you next!
Emma G

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