The Heat!

Hey friends!

Oh my GOODNESS it’s been a hot and humid week! I don’t think I fully understood the memo of what DC was going to be like in summer, when I signed up to do street performance! Haha! I hope you’re all staying hydrated, and covering yourself in sunscreen!
As you all know, it’s been a super emotional week in America, and I want to start this message with a HUGE internet hug for anyone who needs it. Being from New Zealand, I don’t think I’ve ever fully comprehended the insanity that seems to happen so easily here in the States. BUT despite any fear or hate that the world seems to be promoting in response to these events, I’d like to extend all the love I can possibly muster to help combat the negativity. And if you’re ever in need of an ACTUAL hug, this can totally be arranged. 😊
I also had an awesome time playing at the MightyHip Mighty Fourth event Abyssinia in Silver Spring in the evening. If you haven’t heard of MightyHip yet, it’s an awesome co-op of musicians that put on performances EVERY MONDAY in Silver Spring. But wait! There’s more! We’re actually expanding to Virginia this month, with an event on the 27th featuring myself, and another epic female vocalist: Raynita J. All event details are here, but let’s be honest: all you really need to know is that it will be held at No. 9 Lounge in Alexandria (my first time there!) and it will be stupid fun! Also, it’s a Thursday, so pretty much itll just be a rad early start to the weekend!
If youre in DC proper, however, I’ve got a show happening on the 22nd at Songbyrd Music Cafe in Adams Morgan. Now NORMALLY you would have seen me perform in the actual cafe area at Songbyrd, but THIS TIME I’m excited to be opening up for The Voice’s Terry McDermott as he tours the country! So, instead of being upstairs, I get to dress up all pretty and play DOWNSTAIRS – which will be heaps of fun! All event details are here πŸ™‚
My last piece of news is that I’m going BACK into the studio in two weeks time to start on my next EP – but this time it’ll be with a band! I’ve got some exciting things in the pipelines with these recordings, and I’m stupid looking forward to sharing them all with you… stay tuned. However, if you haven’t checked out the latest recordings I’ve done, please head over to my bandcamp, and have a listen / buy a copy (if you like) / share it around. Of course, purchasing a copy is COMPLETELY based on donation – so YOU get to stipulate how much you’d like to pay. Because, let’s be honest, art is all about appreciation – and I super appreciate the love from you guys!!
That’s enough for now – have an EXCELLENT weekend, and I’ll leave you with a few photos from my photo shoot with Matt Dever last weekend!

See you when I see you next!
Emma G

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