The Kennedy Center?!!

Hey friends!

Years ago, I used to work at an electronics store (I know, I know… you can judge me later), and I distinctly remember this gorgeous woman who I served. She had a shaved head, which she’d elegantly wore a headscarf around, and had the most beautiful aura – so I told her how magnificent and fierce she looked. Like she was ready to take on the world.
A few weeks later, she was back, and burst into tears as she thanked me for my kind words the last time we’d spoken. Turns out she’d been going through chemotherapy, and was feeling very UNbeautiful, and weak. That was the day that I learned how powerful words can be, and our interactions with others… which is one of the reasons why I LOVE what I do so much. The fact that I get to see you all every week, and share a bit of morning positivity means the absolute WORLD to me. So thank you. Youve no idea how much it means to receive your smiles every day 🙂
Now on to the more informative stuff (haha), as some of you know, I’m playing in Wheaton at RELE restaurant this Friday, alongside a bunch of other radtastic (that’s a word) musicians. It should be oodles of fun! All event details can be found HERE if you’re in the area.
If you’re not, however – DON’T FEAR!! I’m playing a showcase at Velvet Lounge alongside some younger local DMV guys on U St. Event details are HERE if you’re interested in a few hump day drinks on Wednesday the 31st of August.
Or – if you’re into a more sober occasion (and I’m SUPER stoked to announce this!!) I’ve just been confirmed to play at the Kennedy Center on the 31st as well!

(that’s my excited face)
Details of the show are coming soon, but the breakdown is that it will be from 6pm – 7pm (before the show at Velvet Lounge), and entry is free. There are a few other local artists performing as well, so it should be an awesome event! And – of course – it’s completely free! As soon as more details come, I’ll let you know!
Besides that, Ive had a few of you reach out asking if there is anything you might be able to help me with in regards to promotion / fun / love / whatever, and I SUPER appreciate it! So, I was thinking of putting together an online forum group on Facebook (or something else??) where we can have more real time discussions, and talk about anything you feel might be cool to do. Merch ideas, touring ideas, promotion ideas… and whatever else you can think of! Would any of you be keen to be part of that crew? Let me know!
Have an amazing week friends! And STAY GOLDEN!!
Emma G

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