The Kennedy Center!

Ermagerd guys,

I don’t think I quite know how to process last night yet. Seriously.
I feel like half of my brain kiiiiiind of comprehends it, but the other half is still in New Zealand dreaming about playing Backstage Bar and Vector Arena. One of my friends had to text me lastnight like “yo, you just played somewhere that Aretha Franklin and Pink Floyd have been”.
That kind of blew my mind.
HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came along lastnight!! Either to The Kennedy Center, or the after party show’s gig at Velvet Lounge. I’m still recovering in bed, but what an INCREDIBLE night!!
For those of you who missed it, this is what it looked like:

(dress design was an original by artist Karen Weinberg of Witch Mountain Studios)
When I first moved here, it astounded me how many people asked me why the heck I’d decided to move to a city that doesn’t support music, and doesn’t have many musicians. WELL!!! Lastnight surely blew that theory out of the water – and it was such a pleasure performing alongside so many of these wonderful musicians and artists lastnight. For the FULL show, you can check out the Kennedy Center website (again, I’ve hyperlinked that for you – because yay technology!!). I’m at the verrrrryyyyy beginning πŸ˜‰
And now… I’m heading back into the studio this long weekend to complete the initial recording process for the next EP – I’ll keep yall informed!
But before I go, I wanted to say, again, a MASSIVE thank you for being so wonderful. Seriously – your love and support means the world to me. AND IT’S A BIG WORLD!!!
Stay golden!
Emma G
PS. If any of you still wanna join the Emma G Fam online group, join up HERE!! You’ll get exclusives and all kinds of stuff… ROCK!

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