ALL the things!

Hey friends!

Well, SHIT! It’s been a full on few days!
FIRST, I performed a couple of songs at the mother flipping KENNEDY CENTER (click the hyperlink there for a full video of the show – I’m the very first performer, but the rest of the showcase is rather epic too). I’m still not quite sure how to process the fact that that actually happened… it’s hard to explain, but most of the time I feel like I have major “small country syndrome”, so when stuff like that occurs (seriously, that only happens in MOVIES!!?) it feels a bit out of my depth. But wow. What an experience – so much fun!
SECOND, I performed at Velvet Lounge; where I got to hang out with some epically talented (and rather handsome) men on stage. We even did a couple of collaborations! My favourite one, though, would have been performing Alicia Keys’ “If I ain’t got you” with Nasim Siddeeq. You can check out the video HERE – and while youre at it, check out his band, GOOD LOOK BAND. They’re rather fab.
THIRD, I met a whole bunch of fellow Kiwis! FINALLY!! And best of all, they’re all going to try and make it along to my show happening THIS Sunday, 11th September at The Black Squirrel, as part of ADAMS MORGAN DAY! If you’re around, bring an instrument along and come hang out / jam. I’ll be kicking it around 3pm, playing from 4pm – 4.45pm and grabbing some dinner while I’m there, so please feel free to join me! I like to have friends 😉
FOURTH, I’m STOKED to announce (if you hadnt already seen it on my Facebook page) that next Thursday, I’m playing at the Inaugural “One GW” event for the George Washington medical faculty association, school of medicine, AND GW hospital. 5000 people are expected to be in attendance – no pressure! *eek!* While I’m aware many of you will not be there, I’d love to get some requests for songs, and I’ll try and stream some stuff live (or at least record!) so that you can see it 🙂 Please send through those requests!
FIFTH (and finally), I’m even more excited (if that’s possible) to announce that my next EP is nearly here!! Thanks to Kaywon from Velvet Lounge, for his sound magick, and my trusty group of helpers / music family on Facebook (if you’d like to join the group, CLICK HERE), we’ve decided it will be called “A Taste of Emma G” and will be available both online and in person: for a donation, of course. I can’t wait for you to hear it!!
Anywho, that’s enough from me for one week. Hopefully I’ll get to see you all on Sunday, otherwise: stay safe, stay awesome, and stay golden, friends.
Emma G

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