A Taste of Emma G – new EP!

I feel like I’ve forgotten my life. I’m not quite sure what’s going on – but it’s going!!
Let’s see… what’s happened since last week…?
2. I confirmed that I’m playing at the inaugural “One GW” staff event (which is happening in TWO DAYS!!!) which I’m super excited about. Approximately 5000 people will be attending the event. No pressure….!!
5. Oh, and I released a new five track EP on Sunday! It’s called A Taste of Emma G, and I’m really happy with it. The name was brainstormed by those in my online SUPER TROOP (if you’d like to join, CLICK HERE) who gave up some really funky and fun ideas! If you’d like to have a listen / get a copy of the new EP, as always it’s a pay-what-you-think basis – but with a $5 minimum (cos BandCamp likes to take a cut, of course!), and you can GET YOUR COPY HERE – or hit me up, and I can either send one to you by post OR we can organize catching up and I can give it to you in person. Ooh la la!
Once again, guys, I REALLY appreciate your support as I go on this journey of craziness. The music industry seems to be one of those strange black holes where noone’s ever quite sure what’s going on, or what “success” is, or what exactly it is that we’re doing (sounds like adulthood, really haha), but I’m enjoying the ride, and am stoked that you’re riding along with me.
Stay golden, friends xx
Emma G

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