It’s about balance, really…

Hey friends!

Happy hump day! Hope you’re having a fab week as per usual! I’ve been focusing a lot on balance over the last few days – especially after last week’s craziness!
This Sunday I have a photoshoot for a brand new magazine called “I Am Unashamed” where I will also be interviewed about my story on who I am, why I do what I do, and what role music plays in my life. I’m super excited, and I’ll let you all know when the magazine goes live!
As for the music video for my song “SUPERHERO” I’m still looking for more footage if you want to get involved! Whether you want to film yourself singing along to the song (don’t worry, the video will be overdubbed with the actual song, so you don’t need to worry about pitch etc!), or if you’d like to film yourself holding up signs that have to do with what being a superhero means to you / love over hate / overcoming racism in America, PLEASE send them through to me to be included in the project! And, of course, your age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity DOES NOT MATTER! The song is about celebrating diversity with LOVE. Because… love ❤
And finally; the rest of this weeks gigs!
  • Thursday (tomorrow) 12-2, I’ll be at Potbelly in Rockville!
  • Friday 12-2 Potbelly in Westech / Tech Rd
  • Saturday 11-2 the brand new store opening of Burlingtons in Silver Spring (still being confirmed, but even if I’m not playing, you should go check out the new store… because WINTER IS COMING!!!)
  • Saturday 6pm – 10pm Ocean Prime on G and 14th NW!
Have a great week, friends!
Arohanui (that means “much love” in New Zealand’s native tongue, Maori).
Stay golden, friends!
Emma G

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