SUPERHEROES in training

Yesterday, as part of my SuperTroop’s “SUPERHERO” campaign (wherein we all have the ability to be a superhero, by choosing love over hate – equality over racism/sexism/fear) I had the opportunity to speak at Montrose Alternative School in Alexandria, VA about what it means to be a SUPERHERO in today’s world.

You dont need a cape – you just need honesty and respect.

HUGE thanks to two of my SUPERTROOP for organizing the event, and our brand new “SUPERHERO – empowerment through music” tshirts! If you want a tshirt, get in touch with me via FacebookΒ until I can figure out how to set up merchandise sales on here!

For the highlights of my talk at Montrose Alternative School yesterday, check out the video HERE!

To listen to the song SUPERHERO, check it out HERE!

To get involved in the music video for Superhero, get in touch BELOW!

Stay golden, friends!




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