Hey friends!

Well, wow. What an emotional rollercoaster this last week has been; from my birthday celebrations to last nights election. My evening started at a spoken word presentation by Henry Rollins’, and his sentiments were wonderful: no matter how the election was going to go, we have a responsibility to do all WE can do to ensure we, as a people and as a country – move forward in a positive direction. Take any and all negativity, and use it to promote love, and smiles, and laughter. We can all be our own heroes, and promote good.
I love that.
So while I still feel like I need ALL the hugs today, let’s remember to be good to eachother. To combat negativity with understanding and compassion.
Be a superhero. ❤
I spent the weekend hiking along Great Falls
…. and eating birthday pancakes with some of my closest friends
So yes. I had a LOT of celebrating, and I really want to thank you all for being part of why I celebrated – this last year has been nothing short of epic, and I can’t wait to rock out for another year with you all – touring, recording and performing!
Next notable shows you can come along to:
1. Potbelly Rockville (tomorrow) and Tech Road (Friday frlom 12pm – 2pm)
2. Monday 14th at Abyssinia – it’s an all female lineup! You can check out the event details HERE
3. Wholefoods, Arlington – Friday November 18th. They have a funky upstairs bar that you can sit, eat and hang out at! It’s rad!
4. Saturday 19th 10am – 12pm at Brookland Farmers Market
5. Saturday 19th – an art gallery photography exhibition at Gallaerie: 1644 Newton St, Northwest. Event details are HERE.
But in the meantime, if you need to email me back, or catch up for a pre-show cuppa tea, or a cuddle, let me know. I know things have been tumultuous at best for a lot of us, and (IMO) one of the best ways we can get through it is together. Not through division or judgement, but with cuddles and music. 😉
Stay golden, friends
Emma G

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