Happy Thanksgiving! (and free song!)

Good morning, friends – and a massive Happy Thanksgiving! to you all!
… or as I heard someone say recently “Happy Cultural Appreciation Day”, which I thought was quite lovely.
Growing up in New Zealand with an American mother, I’ve always KIND OF celebrated Thanksgiving, but in a way of expressing gratitude for the people, experiences and things in my life, so I thought I’d share that with you all three things I’m especially grateful for…
1. THANK YOU! Yes, you – the person reading this! Your support and belief in my music over the last year (!!!) has been incredible, and I seriously wouldn’t be here, doing what I love doing, if it werent for YOU! Whether you’ve given me a couple of dollars here and there, bought my CD, or just smiled in my direction; your love and friendship mean the world to me. Thank you.
3. Thankful for my health, friends and happiness. To have moved from one side of the world to the other, and have developed such epic friendships, experienced so many wild events, and traveled as extensively as I’ve had the blessing to do… it’s the simple things that stick out most for me.
The hugs.
The cultures.
The communities.
Thank you.
You are all such an important part of who I am today, so today, I thought I’d give away a free track for my song “Start” by my New Zealand based band Static Era.
Please download it, enjoy it, sing along and dance to it!
And have a great day, friends – and STAY GOLDEN!
Emma G

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