Interwebs, YouTube and a Magazine?!!

Hey friends!

Happy hump day! We’re officially one week into winter, and it’s nearly Christmas… which means it’s nearly New Years Eve… which means it’s nearly 2017!! What is this?!!
However, I’m not one for New Years Resolutions – I feel like everyday is an opportunity to start new goals, begin new projects and achieve ALL the things! So today – after a midweek conversation with Eli Lev about life, music and recording – I’ve decided to start a weekly webseries on the Tube of You with weekly updates about life, my thoughts, and – you know – so you can get a bit of a better insight into who I am! I would LOVE for you to get at me with topics you’d like me to talk about, questions you’d like me to answer, or anything else random you’d like me to cover in these videos!
However, for today’s first one, I present NZ language vs USA language. You can watch the video HERE!Β (and please don’t laugh too hard at my sillinessΒ πŸ˜‚)
In other exciting news, we’re three weeks away from the debut launch of the I Am Unashamed magazine; which I feature in! I’ll be talking all things music, health and happiness – so if you’re keen to get a copy, check out to preorder yours. It’ll also be available on… which is a little bit surreal for this here Kiwi girl! (Amazon isn’t a thing in New Zealand).
Other than that, I’ve got two more weeks of gigs, then I’m off to Iowa for Christmas with some relatives till the 30th! So before I run away, make sure you come along to my show at Villain and Saint in Bethesda on December 19th! Details can be found HERE!Β I’ll do a maximum of THREE Christmas songs; I promise…. one of which I might actually put in next weeks video…. ha!
Have an amazing week – enjoy the video – and PLEASE let me know what you’d like me to talk about in next weeks webisode!
Stay golden, friends!
Emma G

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