Hey friends!

I know. Normally I wouldn’t email you this early in the week, BUT because it’s MLK day, AND inauguration week, AND I’m heading to LA tomorrow for two weeks of musical adventure (yay!)… I wanted to let you know that FINALLY my music video for SUPERHERO is HERE!!!
For those of you unaware of the story… last year I was traveling through a small town in Colorado where I decided to get a tattoo tribute to my brother who died in 2008: the musical notation for Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”; which was one of the songs played at his celebration of life.
ANYWAY, my tattoo artist was incredible – loveliest human being and very talented, but he did disclose to me that he was on probation for attempted murder. I gotta level with you; for this small town Kiwi girl, that was a little bit of a curve ball, but I asked him why he did it, and… well, let’s just say I was able to kinda forgive his reasons… but as he was tattooing me, we got into a conversation about how much paperwork was involved in his probation, and how infuriating it was, to which I – without even thinking – responded with “don’t you think it’s funny that paperwork is your biggest issue, when – if you were black – you’d probably have ended up getting shot?”. (I’m not very good at thinking before I speak sometimes). But it was perfect. The entire tattoo parlour and I then engaged in a lengthy discussion about politics, racism and inequality in the United States.
The next day – I was back at the parlor to sing an impromptu gig (as you do), and played SUPERHERO which I had written the night before as a direct result of our conversation… it was so well received that I decided to release it.
We now have SUPERHERO t-shirts too – holla at me if you’d like to get in!
THANK YOU again for your love, support and encouragement, friends.
You guys are amazing! I REALLY hope you enjoy the SUPERHERO music videoΒ – please share it around, subscribe, whatever you like… πŸ™‚
Stay golden, and catch up soon! (I’m playing at the Atlas Performing Arts Theater on the 31st if you can make it – free entry!)
Emma G

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