I’m back!

And what a whirlwind it’s been already!

I arrived to BWI airport on Tuesday morning (damn redeye flights!!) and headed straight home to sleep / attempt jetlag recovery before performing at the Cherry Blossom Festivals first event: “Sing into Spring” at the Atlas Performing Arts Theater. I’m still waiting on confirmation about whether I’ll be performing at the Tidal Basin as part of that event, but no matter, because I have a zillion things going on already this year!
I’m also uploading a weekly cover song on my YouTube channel – if you have any requests, please send them through! This week’s song: Macy Gray’s “I Try” – despite the fact that my nickname in middle school was ACTUALLY Macy Gray. Sigh.
I’ve just confirmed the next three month’s shows at Wholefoods in Arlington – you can check out all the event details on my FACEBOOK PAGE, or HERE!
… where you’ll find that I’m heading BACK to California next month! WHAAAAT??!!?! Yep – I’m playing at THE MINT on March 22nd, and I’ll be back at THE VIPER ROOM, 805 BAR (Ventura, CA) and Orange County as well as a few other possible shows… I’ll keep you updated!!
I’m also doing a HOUSE SHOW next Friday (10th Feb) at a SECRET location in the heart of DC along with my homeboy JDVBBS. You can check out the event details HERE! (I’m actually stupid excited about this… it’s gonna be fun!! With a few surprises in store, of course!)
SUPERHERO is almost at 1100 views (THANK YOU for watching, sharing and subscribing!!!) and has just been added to the rotation on New Zealand’s West Coast Radio WCR FM 87.6 (Auckland) – especially GREENHOUSE HOUR (which you can check out online).
And, of course, if you’re around Silver Spring tomorrow: I’ll be hosting the Mighty Open Mic in association with www.mightyhip.com at Silver Spring Potbelly from 6pm – 8.30pm! Come and enjoy the music – or better yet – show off your stuff as well! Spoken word, musical numbers, vocals, guitar solos and interpretive dance (heh) are ALL encouraged!
That’s about it from me for now! I hope you’re having a fab week, and enjoying this NO SNOW EVEN THOUGH IT’S FEBRUARY weather!
Stay golden!
Emma G

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