Hey friends!

Hope you’re having a fantastic week thus far! I took the day off yesterday to get some much needed paperwork done, and do a few fun things including VISITING THE PENTAGON!!!
Huge shout out to my L’Enfant Plaza friend Gregory for the personalized tour, as he took me around the Pentagon and showed me all the ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand and United States) tributes, as well as information on how women and people of color have evolved through the ranks in military over the last half a century. Seriously fascinating stuff!
I also finally got my latest addition to my body art – a songbird!
It’s quite different to how the design started off, as I wanted to incorporate a specific song CLUBBED TO DEATH BY ROB D. Yes, it’s from the Matrix soundtrack, but that is NOT why I got it.
Allow me to get a bit personal here, but my ex boyfriend from highschool introduced me to this song when I was 14. It was this song that helped me dance through my anger and pain when I was abused by my uncle on my 15th birthday, as I dealt with severe depression throughout my teenage years, and eventually helped me get through that same ex boyfriend’s suicide when I was 19 (he was 21, and just shy of receiving his bachelors degree in computer science).
The songbird also symbolizes what I do for a living, but was emphasized by this incredible letter I received from a “fan” at Rosslyn metro just four days after I booked it…
And, of course, the bird is holding on to a safety pin… need I say more? Here’s a closer look…
(Can you tell I love it? Heh)
ANYWHO, on to NEWS and SHOWS and STUFF!!
This Friday, I’m playing a house/hostel show at Capital View Hostel on I St, NW as part of REDVBB Sessions – an ongoing showcase by my bro JDVBBS. If you’d like to come along, RSVP! It’s a pay what you think/like entry, and – of course – there’ll be CD’s for sale, and high fives and hugs for freeeeeee!
I’m heading back into the studio this weekend – Saturday working on an RnB / hiphop / rock(ish) collaboration with TONY B and then Sunday working on the THIRD song for the next EP with Griffin and the Flying V (you may have seen him around the metros in the morning as well… he’s also my cohost for the Mighty Open Mic!) I’m also in talks with a DJ about remixing SUPERHERO! WHAAAAA?!!
Next weekend I’ll be out of town in Atlanta catching up with Brett Dismuke of So Chi Entertainment. I met him recently on set of an upcoming film “Couples Night” that he was directing recently in DC starring Tony Rock, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Charles Malik Whitfield and Denise Boutte. I was an extra in the film, and – before you even ask – no. I had NO idea who anyone was, and was slightly mortified when I introduced myself to Tony Rock before asking what his name was. *sigh* One day I’ll be cool….
My latest YouTube video is now up! – which I’ve FINALLY decided on a name for. Emma G Sound Sessions – this week’s cover is Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” – cos didn’t she absolutely KILL the Superbowl performance?!?!!
Right! That’s about it from me for this week. Please throw any suggestions my way for my next YouTube cover! (Keeping in mind that it’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday… I hope you’ve all got something special planned! I’m thinking a me date is definitely in order for me! )
Stay golden friends!
Emma G

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