Hey friends!

GOSH! Where do I start?

It’s been a strange few days. I can’t remember if I’d told you, but I’ve been chatting with a guy from Interscope Records over the last few months, and was meant to meet with him the last time I was in LA. I contacted him, and he took great pride in telling me all about who he was and what he’s done, how much of a bigshot he is in the industry and who he’s signed. It sounded pretty great, but we were unable to meet while I was there.

But we’ve kept in touch: I’ve sent him the SUPERHERO music video, links to my music and the music of my NZ band Static Era, and countless promo shots… (like this one)

and – long story short – last Thursday he contacted me again about meeting with me next month when I’m back in LA so that he can “invest in me and take me to the top”. But – of course – before we could do that, he needed some more “sexy photos”.

“Ass photos from behind”

“Nude shots”

You know… to see “if I’m actually marketable, and worth the time to invest in”.

Needless to say, I was mad. So – Thursday night I went to a poetry slam called SPITDAT (if you’re into spoken word, and haven’t heard of this place, CHECK IT OUT! It’s AWESOME!!) where Arykah B was featuring, and one of her poems just spoke to me: all about what it meant to be objectified by people. So the next day (Friday) inspiration just struck and I spent my 20min train ride home writing… got into the studio on Saturday afternoon and BOOM! My next single is almost ready, friends! And to say I’m excited would be a mad understatement.

Thanks to Tony B for his collaboration, and Flightboy Music, I’m super excited to present the teaser of my next single: an ode to LA sleaze, with ironic photography by local photographer Nick DePinto: “SOLD (take a shot)”. You can check it out HERE! And, of course, I’ll keep you updated about release date / music video / all that fun stuff!

As for gigs…

I’m off to Atlanta for the weekend (to catch up with friends, and meet with film producer Brett Dismuke, whose new film Couples Night I was an extra in last year), but don’t forget that the Mighty Open Mic is happening THIS FRIDAY at Potbelly in Silver Spring from 6.30pm – 8.30pm – hosted by my homeboy Griffin and the Flying V.

Oh! And this week’s Sound Session is also up on YouTube: covering En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go”!

Have a great week, friends! Stay golden!

Emma G


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