Are YOU feeling MIGHTY?!

Hey friends!

I’m back from Atlanta – and man, am I glad to come back to warm weather! Given that it was Presidents Day on Monday, I headed out to metro center yesterday morning – and Foggy Bottom (of course) this morning, and couldn’t believe that I could take my jacket off comfortably! What the heck?! (I’m not complaining – in New Zealand, it’s summer right now…)
Just a quick note from me today, really, but – first thing’s first – I’m back and hosting the MIGHTY OPEN MIC this Friday at Potbelly on Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring from 6.30pm – 8.30pm! Check out the hyperlink for event details, of course, and come down to take part or witness some epic local performances!
I’m back in the studio THIS WEEKEND with FlightBoy Music – and planning the rest of my solo EP – which (as it turns out) will include a fun bunch of guest musicians – I’m excited to say the least. If you missed the teaser video from the first single I’m recording with FlightBoy, HERE IT IS; my ode to a particular A&R dude in LA who promised he’d sign me and “take me to the top” in exchange for nude pictures, but, as the saying goes; “my mama didn’t raise no fool!”
You can read all about that whole debacle in my last letter / blog post!
Of course, I’m also recording a duo project with Griffin and the Flying V at Double Stomp Studios as well…. It’s all happening, friends! ALL THE MUSICZ!!!
This coming Monday, my boy Rex is celebrating his ONE YEAR DREADROCK ANNIVERSARY at Mighty Hip Mondays with Griffin and me at Abyssinia on Georgia Ave. If you haven’t heard of Mighty Hip; it’s a radtastic collective of musicians who perform every Monday in Silver Spring from 8pm-11pm. I don’t get there nearly as often as I wish I could, but I WILL be playing next week! So please come on down and hang out with us for a drink, music and hugs!
And last – but not least – this week’s Sound Sessions episode has an added bonus with another America vs NZ language segment at the end. You can check out the video HERE!
Have a great week, and if I don’t see you at Fridays Open Mic, I’ll hopefully catch you on Monday night!
Emma G

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