I’m Sick!! :-(

Hey friends!

Well, I’ve held off long enough, but it seems my immune system has decided to cave in to the cold (even though it’s not that cold) season. I’m a little upset – but THIS WILL NOT HOLD ME DOWN!

Friday I popped down to the Washington DC Superior Courthouse to perform for their Black History Month commemoration, and had an absolutely wonderful time. I tell you, behind closed doors, those judges really know how to get down. There’s nothing quite like watching them attempt “the twist” and “the dougie” as part of their celebrations!

Monday’s MightyHip show was tonnes of fun – mad thanks to everyone who made it along. There was a livestream of my performance running from my Facebook page, which you can check out HEREΒ and photographers hanging out around the place. My fave pic of the evening was definitely this one. πŸ˜€

Mad thanks to RoXplosion photography for his epic skills at not only including my shoes, but also making me look rather bad ass!

Unfortunately my being sick has prevented me from getting into the studio *tear* as planned, BUT I’ve gotten the first edit back from Double Stomp Studios of the duo project I’m doing with Griffin and the Flying V, and it’s sounding pretty epic! You can check out the teaser clip on this week’s Sound Sessions on YouTube!

This Friday is the next Mighty Open Mic (in association with MightyHip)Β – last week was awesome. If you haven’t checked out the Mighty Open Mic page, I post videos of the performances on there every week! Or you can – you know – come along and join the fun too! Every Friday from 6.30-8.30! And if you perform, you get a free sandwich!! SCORE!!

I’ve also just confirmed two more shows in Cali – so I’m heading back later this month (in between my National Cherry Blossom Festival performances) to perform in LA, San Diego and … soon to be confirmed… Orange County. I even made a pretty poster for it!

so if you know anyone in that area, please pass it on to them! Should be tonnes of fun! And all event details are on my ReverbNation and Facebook pages – of course!

That’s about it from me for now, but before I go, just a reminder about my next show which is THIS SUNDAY at The Pinch with the spunky Eli Lev, AllOne and Griffin and the Flying V. They happen to play good music too.

Have a great rest of your week guys, stay golden, and I’ll see you when I see you!

Emma G


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