FlightBoy Life

Hey friends!


Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week thus far – I know I am cos I’m not sick anymore! *REJOICE!* Though I AM exhausted… I only had one hours sleep lastnight! (sorry mum – I promise I mostly take good care of myself!)


I spent lastnight in the studio with Flightboy Music working on some NEW RECORDINGS for my debut studio album *EXCITEMENT!!* and planning video stuff. Thank you to everyone in my SUPERTROOP who’ve helped me decide what song I should be recording – if you want to join the group, click HERE and ask to join! Basically, it’s a Facebook group filled with wonderful people like YOU whom I can ask to get involved with decisions on what I should be doing with my music. Cos – you know – the reason I make (and CAN make) music in the first place is because of you guys! So it only makes sense that you be part of the decision making! 🙂 I’m so pumped for this year!

Sneaky ninja shot of Flightboy hard at work mixing my tracks…

So I’m excited to announce that the second confirmed song for my studio EP will be “I Can See You“! That’s the super acoustic version from when I first wrote it – but don’t get used to that version too much, cos this new recording is – as we say “downunder” – flippin SICK!

Last weekend – as you know – Bruce “AllOne” Pandolfo from New York came through on Sunday, and we played a show together at The Pinch on 14th St. If you haven’t checked him out or heard of him, he’s an insane rapper from Long Island who talks about everything from bigotry to death of a loved one, to being friendzoned. He was also kind enough to take a quick video of my performance of WARY. You can check it out HERE!

OR you can come check me out live before I head back to LA for my San Diego and Hollywood shows, cos this Friday I’ll be playing at Arlington Pub in Wholefoods from 6pm – 8pm. You can check out the event details HERE! If you’ve never been there before, it’s a cosy little bar inside the Wholefoods market. It’s pretty epic!

And, of course, this week’s sound sessions is up 🙂 Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black – as requested by DC local “Corn Bread”. You can check it out HERE! And if you dig it, please share it around, subscribe it and spread the love!

Have a great rest of your week, friends!

Emma G


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