I’m Going on Tour!


Hey friends!
With so much going on at the moment, (especially this CRAZY weather – keeping in mind, I’m from New Zealand, and NOT used to this!!), I’m REALLY excited to be hitting the road NEXT WEEK and starting my first California Mini Tour! These are my next show dates!

Copy of my top selling poster

In other news, my first single “SOLD (take a shot)” feat Tony B is ALMOST HERE!!!

In case you haven’t heard the snippet, you can watch it HERE! It’s my response to a big shot LA producer who decided he’d be happy to help me with my career… in return for naked picture. Thankfully, there are still a HUGE number of good people in the world, one of whom is an excellent producer named Flight of FlightBoy Music, who was all too happy to help with this project. My lyrics are pretty self explanatory:

I’m somebody’s daughter
I’m somebody’s child
I’m taking no prisoners
This is my life
I’m somebody’s angel
Don’t push me too far
The blood of self conviction
You’ve shown who you are.

And THIS means, dear friends, I’d LOVE some help from you in deciding a concept for the music video! Any ideas you have, please send them through! I can’t wait to get it out to y’all!

And last, but not least, this week’s cover is up on YouTube: Cold War Kids’ “First”.

Have a great week, friends!

Emma G


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