California Love


Hey friends! I’M BACK!!!

Gosh, where do I even begin??

It’s been a crazy wonderful week. I arrived into LAX last Tuesday, played a show at The Mint and was THRILLED at the response!! I even had a local photographer offer his services, and – I’m not gonna lie – some of these shots are BOMB!


Thursday I headed up to Ventura for an impromptu ninja show at 805 Bar and Grilled Cheese – beautiful spot, if you’re ever in the area!

Friday I headed down to San Diego where I was meant to couchsurf with a host who managed a pizza shop in downtown. However, after meeting him, I realized the situation wasn’t ideal (me and two other couchsurfers staying on mats in his lounge while he slept in the same room on a chair? Um… no thanks). So I put out a random shout out at my show at City Pub, and HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! What a beautiful community! Everyone was happy to help!

I ended up staying with a beautiful couple in a kingsized bed at their MASSIVE house (with three adorable puppies) around the corner from my show, before heading out with one of their friends the following day to visit the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, the military base, and the general San Diego area.

You can see (an admittedly pretty crappy) video of my adventures HERE!

Monday was at the Viper Room singing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” – because pop rock isn’t dead. Haha. Photos will be up soon, so watch this space! But – in the meantime – this week’s video is HERE and dedicated to women’s history month!

And, of course, my UPCOMING SHOWS!! (I mean; besides today’s show at the Cherry Blossom Festival – you can watch the live stream HERE thanks to Bubba Sperry of Sperry Entertainment!)

  • March 31: French Quarter Bar, (7.30pm – 10.30pm) Fairfax County. Details HERE!
  • April 1: LiveArtDC – combining art, film and music. (6pm – 11pm – I’m on at 10pm!) Details HERE!
  • April 7: Velvet Lounge with Eli Lev, Rex, Griffin and the Flying V, and DJ Alpaline! (7pm – midnight!) Details HERE!

Hope you can make it along to one of these shows soon – would love to see you before I decide to move to California! (Half joking, but…).

Peace, love and chicken!

Emma G


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