New Music?!! Okay!


What can I say? I got the mixed and mastered track for SOLD (take a shot) from Flightboy Music, and – though I KNOW I need to wait until we have the music video done and blah blah blah, I wanted to give you all a super sneaky peek, and limited time download for the track!!

SO – for, I dunno, the next week only (that’s Wednesday to Wednesday), even though SOLD (take a shot) feat. Tony B IS up on my SoundCloud for streaming only, I’m going to have it available for purchase from my BandCamp as well! BOOM!! It’s only $1.99 – unless you’d like to contribute more – and, I might be a little bit biased, but it makes for a pretty epic ringtone! Hehe.

My main request is that – if you dig the song – PLEASE share it (within the week) on your social media (tagging me @EmmaGmusic, Tony B (@holdingitdowntonybrown, and Flightboy Music @flightboymusic) and send through your ideas for a music video! I’d love to get the track on the radio as soon as possible – maybe together we can make that happen!

YES. I’m aware the photograph is a little bit risque`. I’m sure you’ll all have your own interpretations about what it means, and what I’m trying to do, but let me explain:
This song was written in response to an A&R guy from a major label in Los Angeles who promised to sign me… before then demanding I send him naked pictures of me in exchange for his help. This song is my battle cry of defiance, if you will, with the messaging of refusing to sell my soul/body/image in exchange for money/power/fame.

Hence the handcuffs. The incorporated stamped on my chest. And the ever so lady-like middle finger.

“I’m somebody’s daughter, I’m somebody’s child,
I’m taking no prisoners, this is my life,
I’m somebody’s angel, don’t push me too far,
The blood of self conviction; you’ve shown who you are”

I sincerely hope you enjoy the track. It means a great deal to me.

My newest YouTube video is up as well: a cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain”. You can check it out HERE!!

One of my Facebook friends recently posted online that – and I quote – “I guess what I hate is the suggestion to our girls that they have to love the beast”. This really struck a chord with me – especially as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month; and this song is – while beautiful – essentially about loving your abuser.

Not so beautiful.
So I hope you enjoy it for what it is!


  • Friday 7 April: Velvet Lounge with Eli Lev, Griffin and the Flying V, DJ Alpaline, and The Experience Band and show! Details on the show are HERE! (The Mighty Open Mic will be hosted by Nick Fliakas for the evening – he’s an excellent human being.
  • Saturday 8 April: Silver Spring Market. You know, on that awesome stage that they have downtown? Well I’ll be singing on that stage from 10-12.30pm on Saturday morning! Details HERE!
  • Saturday 15 April: National Cherry Blossom Festival’s SW Fireworks Festival. All the event details are HERE! but I’ll be playing from 6pm through to 7pm.

17554013_10154525698643546_948638064196119724_nOh! And keep an eye out on the @202creates Instagram page, which happens to be the IG account for DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser! She’s going to be spotlighting myself and my musical soul brother Eli Lev in the lead up to our show this Friday!

And that’s about it from me for now!

If you wanna be more in touch about behind the scenes stuff, or be more active in this crazy musical journey of mine, please check out, and request to join my SUPERTROOP on Facebook! Our next project: making a music video, of course!

Until next week, friends.

Peace, love and chicken!

Emma G


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