Rollercoaster? Bunny hopping? *insert euphemism about this journey of life*


Hey friends!

Have you ever felt like you’ve got so much going on but nothing all at the same time? It’s like when you forget to release the clutch properly, so you know you’re moving, but you’re also bunny hopping a little bit as you try your best not to embarrass yourself in front of that gorgeous [insert person of your desires]… and then you suddenly get into the right gear, and that’s it; you’re off zooming – feeling as if your 88 Corolla has transformed into the V8 Challenger of your dreams.
Ok. I digress. But I feel a little bit like that.
A LOT of doing. A LOT of action. Balanced with a LOT of waiting and twiddling my thumbs hoping that things work out.
So… I guess that’s a long winded way of saying that I have a LOT of secret squirrel stuff happening in the background… planning… brainstorming… waiting… I can’t say much at the moment, but I will say fun things like:
Yep…. Things are bunny hopping along relatively nicely.

But first; this week’s video: TAINTED LOVE by Soft Cell / Marilyn Manson

And, of course, upcoming shows!

  • Friday April 14: Potbelly Open Mic. YES! I’m back hosting this week at the Silver Spring Potbelly Open Mic on Ellsworth Drive from 6.30 – 8.30pm. Details are HERE!
  • Saturday April 15: Southwest Fireworks Festival. I’m rapt to be playing the final event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival at the SW Waterfront this Saturday! Plus: FIREWORKS!!! Details are HERE!
  • Friday April 21: Arlington Pub at Wholefoods Market. If you’ve never been, they have a wonderful upstairs pub and dining area at the Wholefoods on Wilson Blvd, and live music EVERY Friday. I’m there from time to time – and you can check out the event details HERE!
  • Saturday April 22: The Metropolitan, Annapolis with Area 301. I’m MAD excited about opening for hip-hop rock fusion band Area 301 in Maryland’s capital city. It’s going to be an awesome show, and I have some surprises for ya! Here’s a little sneak peek, and all event details are HERE!!

AND I wanted to share one more sneak peek with you all, while my single SOLD is still available for one more week on my BANDCAMP (before I take it down while Tony B and I film the music video) here’s the lyric video for you! You can check it out here!

That’s it from me for now – thank you so much for your support and love again, friends. This next year is getting pretty darn exciting!! And I mad appreciate you joining me on this journey.

You rock my world!
Peace, love and chicken!

Emma G


2 thoughts on “Rollercoaster? Bunny hopping? *insert euphemism about this journey of life*

  1. I was at the Cherry Blossom festival wrap-up this weekend to see my friend Dan Wolff (The Muddy Crows) play, and I heard a very familiar voice while walking along the waterfront over to the stage area. I thought to myself, that’s Emma from the Metro! I work downtown and hear you playing at Metro Center often. My friends and I didn’t catch much of your set, but you looked good in your heels!

    And if you were confused by the girl who waved at you this morning like we knew each other, that was me 🙂


    1. Nawww thanks Amy! My feet were KILLING me in those bloody heels, but I’m glad they looked good. Haha. Thank you so much for the love! ‘ll see you soon!! 🙂
      Happy Monday! xx


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