Mid April Already?

logoHow is it the middle of April already???

Happy Wednesday, friends! I can’t believe how quickly this year is moving! They say that monotony is what makes time fly so quickly – which is why half an hour feels so long to a child (as they’re constantly learning new things / challenging themselves), compared to adults who GENERALLY tend to repeat the same tasks day in and day out.

But I feel like my life is relatively adventurous…. no? I mean, I’m releasing music and teaching myself how to make lyric videos! Check it out HERE!!!

And, of course, there was my performance at the National Cherry Blossom’s Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival! You can check out my performance of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here… HERE!! (Yes, I cheated a little… it’s also this week’s Sound Sessions episode on my YouTube channel…. heh)

But what’s coming up??

  • Friday 21Β April: Arlington Pub at Wholefoods, Clarendon. Event details are HERE!
  • Saturday 22 April: The Metropolitan, Annapolis, opening for hip-hop/rock fusion band Area-301! Event details are HERE!

I’m also in the process of planning and filming the music video for SOLD (take a shot) feat. Tony B., heading back to LA next month for some radio interviews and more meetings (woo!) and planning another California tour, as well as national and international tours too!

Wow. No wonder I can’t hold down a relationship…. Life’s crazy! (Hooray for humor that’s only funny because it references things that are true…)

And that’s about it for me!

Music – music – music! Along with the relatively frequent Krav Maga session, of course…. because life should be about BALANCE! (If you’ve not heard of Krav Maga, it’s Israeli Contact Combat, which is a form of self defense specifically created to deal with real life situations. You can check out the school I go to HERE if you are so interested!)

However, before I go, I wanted to share with you all this awesome interview I had recently from one of my Farragut North friends: Jacob L Friess, who works in the banking industry and wanted to get my thoughts on financial literacy month (April), America, and what it is exactly I do… how would YOU describe what I do? Hmmm….

Anyway, you can read the interview HEREΒ – it’s a really well written piece (thanks Jacob!) and he even took the time to take a pretty flattering photo… if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰

Have a great week, friends!

Emma G



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