Come be part of my live album show!


Happy Wednesday, friends!

I know – you won’t be surprised – it’s been another action filled week for me consisting of radio interviews, photoshoots, gigs, and meetings.

But you’ll be happy to know, I DID manage to get a full 8hrs of sleep on Friday night!! That’s a start, right? I mean, granted it was after an EPIC show at Silver Spring’s “McGinty’s”. For those of you who missed it, I’ll make sure to let you know when the next one is!

BUT FIRST! Let’s talk about upcoming shows… and stuff…


  • May 6, 10am – 1.30pm at Mt Vernon Triangle market
  • May 7, 10am – 2pm at Capitol Riverfront Market
  • May 10, 1pm – 2pm EST – live interview on Dash Radio’s Island Block Radio!

Wait, what??

Yes! I’m back in LA next week meeting with some music people, feeding my soul at the beach, and promoting my newest single SOLD (Take a Shot) (feat. Tony B) on west coast radio! I can’t wait!

For those of you not familiar with Dash Radio (which I wasn’t – until I somehow found myself sitting in their lobby last month chatting to two of the DJ’s about my music!); Dash Radio is a huge radio network based in Los Angeles. The station I’ll be featuring on (this time, at least) is called ISLAND BLOCK RADIO – and is run by two awesome guys from the Pacific Islands.

You know. Since I’m from New Zealand (in the Pacific Ocean) and my dad is Fijian… It only made sense!

You will be able to tune in online, or on the dashradio app.

I was also lucky enough to catch up with local photographer: Nick DePinto over the weekend to have another photoshoot for some upcoming promo material.

You know… for my June tour of California…

Details to come.

But I wanted to give a MAD shout out to him for his wonderful skills – aren’t these shots GREAT?!! You can check out more of his stuff on Nick’s Flickr page.

Sunday I also caught up with Eric from Takoma Radio promoting the Takoma Porch festival, which I’m stoked to be playing at the end of the month! You can see all event details HERE!

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by Eric, as I played a couple of songs live on air, and talked more about empowerment, equality and being a good human being.

I know. I’m a bit of a musical social justice warrior. Haha.

You should be able to listen to a podcast of the interview from HERE if you are so interested to hear a radio announcer able to actually pronounce my last name!


Oh! And shout out to Nick from Area-301 for his photoshop skills on this! CAPTION CONTEST IS GO! What will you win? I haven’t figured that out yet… but isn’t this incredible???

And I know it’s SUPER in advance, (and a Tuesday!) but please keep May 30th available in your calendars, as I’ll be recording and filming a live album show at Velvet lounge that night, and I’d LOVE for you to be part of the fun!!

Well, that’s it from me for now!

As per usual, this week’s Sound Sessions is now up on YouTube – this week covering New Zealand artist Bic Runga (because May is New Zealand music month, don’t you know?!) so I hope you enjoy it! You can check out the video HERE!!

Have a great week, friends – stay golden – and I’ll see you out there!

Peace, love and chicken.

Emma G


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