California Love Pt 2

logoSorry friends!

I know I initially started this whole newsletter thing with the intention of sending you weekly updates, and I TOTALLY snobbed you last week! BUT I CAN EXPLAIN!!!

See… I was in California… and was meant to be back in DC by Wednesday night… however, my flight was canceled… and I didn’t have my guitar with me to do a cover for you all… and… basically I was super ill prepared.

BUT I’M BACK!! And I have so much to tell you!!

But first, let’s look at my upcoming shows…. (cos there’s some exciting stuff happening!)

  • Friday 19 May: Arlington Pub at Wholefoods, Clarendon. 6pm – 8pm. Details HERE!
  • Saturday 27 May: Takoma Porch Fest. I’ll be at 7216 Spruce Ave. If you’ve never heard of Porch Fest, it’s a beautiful community event, where people open their homes for public outdoor concerts! You can read all the details HERE!
  • Tuesday 30 May (this is the exciting one): my TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LIVING IN AMERICA!!! It’s from 8pm and will be at Velvet Lounge, and will also double as my next live EP recording – so YES! There WILL be new songs! I’m also stoked that the wonderful Eli Lev, Yusha Assad, and Droopy the Brokeballer will be joining me for the evening’s shennanigans. Entry is $10 – but you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of the album once it’s released. Details of the show are HERE!


This week’s SUNDAY SESSIONS is a bit different as well – because, well, Mothers Day. I decided a few months back, that I wanted to write a song for mum to announce that I was going to be back in New Zealand for her birthday (the big 5-0), and decided to sing it live on Facebook for her on Mothers Day.

I will neither confirm, nor deny whether she cried or not, but needless to say she’s super happy that I’m coming home for a bit!

You can watch the video HERE!!!!! 

I also want to give a massive shout out to DASH RADIO‘s “Island Block Radio” for having me on their show this last week to release my song SOLD (Take A Shot) on the West Coast. If you’re not familiar, Dash Radio (and yes, they have an app that you should totally download) is a huge West Coast radio network, and Island Block Radio is specifically for the Island / Melanesian / Polynesian community – everyone from New Zealand through to Fiji… and they do a heck of a job of promoting Pacific artists!

Again, you can check out part of our interview in the SUNDAY SESSIONS video above!

dash radio

And last – but not least – I’ll be doing a live AMA (that stands for Ask Me Anything) on my PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE (which you can totally follow) this Saturday afternoon (5pm EST / 2pm PST / 9am NZT).

If you have any strange, weird or crazy questions, please log in, tune in, and ask away!

Until then, have a FANTASTIC week!


Emma G


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