Born In Crisis

With BORN IN CRISIS, Emma G reveals her scars, both emotional and physical, as she recounts the effect abusive relationships, assault, bullying, depression, and ongoing health struggles, has had on her life. Cutting through the chaos with an impressive resilience, she’s developed a thick skin and has found her voice along the way.

A testament to her unwavering will to thrive, BORN IN CRISIS captures a multi-faceted artist baring her soul in an effort to save the lives of others in the same way music saved hers. The exact mission and tour de force fueling the Emma G-founded D.C. artist incubator, The Capitol Groove Collective.

Dubbed as one of the “Best of D.C.” by Washingtonian Magazine, one of The Washington Post’s “favorite people,” and with career-spanning features in Fox 5, WUSA9, District Fray, and ANR Factory, Emma G’s documentary film, BORN IN CRISIS will reveal an in-depth and personal side to an artist already lauded for her distinct contributions to Washington, D.C.’s unique music community.

BORN IN CRISIS is available June 11th on YouTube, with its soundtrack simultaneously available on all streaming platforms. For more information visit the film’s website:

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